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JAB is one of the few cafes in Singapore to offer Pastrami sandwiches. This New Yorker favourite has a few locals scratching their heads, wondering what it is.

What is Pastrami?

First, here’s a quick history of this savoury sub filling to get you up to date. Back in the era before fridges were invented, people had to get their meats to keep longer without the use of cold. Drying, smoking, cooking, and salt were some of the common processes invented.  This gave birth to some of the favourites we know today – corned beef, pepperoni, smoke salmon, and… pastrami.

To prepare pastrami, beef is soaked in brine, then dried and seasoned with herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed. It’s a fairly lengthly process!

Pastrami By Xisler (Own work)

The resulting product has the texture of roast beef while still being tender and juicy. It’s choke full of salty, smokey flavour from having soaked up spiced flavours from the garlic, peppers, coriander and other seasonings used.

New York, New York

Pastrami is traditionally Romanian, and was brought to New York when immigrants headed there in the late 1800’s.

New York City in the 1900’s, Wikimedia Commons

Legend has it that a Jewish butcher got the recipe from a friend for helping him store his luggage, and used it in a sandwich, to great success.

Today, pastrami sandwiches are a cultural signature of New York City’s food scene.

Our Pastrami Melt

Here at JAB, it’s our ambition to bring great food at no-frills, great prices. And that’s why we have this sandwich on the menu today. It’s a classic deli sandwich we loved from New York, but it’s still a little under appreciated here in Singapore.

Our pastrami is 100% USA imported beef, slow cooked and smoked to bring out excellent flavour. We know that local preference may not be too big on the mustardy, peppery taste that true blue New York pastrami tends to have, so we’ve carefully selected a source that brings a more balanced flavour that focuses more on the savoury meatiness.

Pastrami stands so well on its own, so we don’t overload it with much else and just let the quality of it talk for itself. Our sandwich is just accompanied by fresh tomatoes and lettuce, and a drizzle of honey mustard (again, we *know* how Singaporeans usually feel about mustard mustard), and just to make things a bit special…

Beer Cheese

Our beer cheese sauce is a one of our signature items that we unashamedly like to put on whatever we can. It brings a creamy, fatty dimension to the sandwich that we think complements the pastrami very well.

Topping everything off is our other signature item – Rye bread infused with honey butter. Pastrami and rye is a match made in heaven, but wait til you try it our style! The honey butter adds a sweet, milky aspect to the crisp, toasted bread, that just duets with the salty savoury pastrami.

We think that our take on the good ol’ NYC pastrami sandwich is a great way to enjoy this American favourite without having to travel so far. And at only $12.50 nett, you have no reason to say no.


Great food,
Great drinks,
Great prices

Pamper your tastebuds at JAB. Just simply no-frills great food and drinks.

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