Sandwich Spotlight – Honey Herb Chicken

29 October, 2017 Posted in

There’s a bit of a story behind why our bistro recently introduced a new line of sandwiches.

Food has always been on our minds. Our previous shop was just a small counter in the basement of One Raffles Place, and it was barely enough space to brew our famous coffee. With our move this year to a much bigger place at The Sail, we could finally indulge in our love of food, as a bistro.

We looked around for food that would go well with our coffee. Our coffee expertise was the core of what we do, so we wanted something that would complement the rich, robust coffee we serve. We found that answer in hearty sandwiches.

The Man behind the Sandwich

The master behind our sandwiches is none other than chef Wing Lam. He has trained at Gordon Ramsay‘s and his portfolio of work in Singapore is nothing short of amazing. It includes Kinki, Tung Lok, The Fat Cow, and Tanuki Raw. Honestly, we’re still reeling that he came to help us out!

He designed 4 sandwiches for our lunch menu, with unique, hearty flavours that works together with our signature coffee brews.

Our Sandwich Spotlight today showcases the most popular one – our Honey Herb Chicken.

Everyone Loves Chicken

Chicken is a staple meat for Singaporeans. The world knows all about our love affair with Chicken rice. Then there’s Curry chicken, the Colonel’s fried chicken, popcorn chicken, and chicken in a biscuit. It’s no surprise that our chicken sandwich is our bestseller.

We know that chicken sandwiches are common; almost every cafe will offer some version of it. Shredded with mayo, perhaps. Or fried and grilled. But I guarantee you – they’re nothing like ours.

Our honey herb chicken is all about no-frills comfort food, with a bit of a twist. We start with a juicy, plump fillet of chicken meat, seasoned with a sweet tangy honey based sauce, then roasted with herbs for that infusion of flavour. It’s a savoury balance that fulfills the craving for roasted meat while not straying too far into new territory.

Pairing with the meat are slices of our signature bread – fresh rye brioche that’s smeared with honey butter and toasted. The result is a slice that’s crisp on the edges but fluffy within. Our secret honey and butter spread, after being toasted, soaks into the rye and gives it a sweet, buttery smokey flavour.

Our bread has left quite a few diners amazed at what they just bit into, and we’ve had requests to just sell the bread for takeaway. (Hmm, should we?)

All the major ingredients are put together with luscious, sweet, caramelised roasted onions, and freshly cut tomatoes and lettuce.

The result is a juicy, succulent sandwich that will leave you a satisfied luncher.

Wanna try our Honey Herb Chicken?
Come on over to JAB.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we have more sandwiches that go for something a bit different.

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