We Make Coffee That You’ll Really Like

Coffee at Jab isn’t just about the beans and the brewing.

Sure, we pay crazy attention to those things, but we know that at the end of the day, it’s all about how the flavour speaks to YOU.

We understand that coffee is a very personal thing. Being able to get a good coffee, just the way you want it, can make or break your day. That’s why we put in the effort to know what you like, how you like it, and trust in the skill of our baristas to recreate that unique blend that is solely Yours, each and every time.

Being able to get a good coffee, just the way you want it, can make or break your day.

Come over, talk to us, and let us brew you a great one.

Our Beans & Brew

We’re all about bringing you the best quality in your cup of coffee.

Great coffee starts from the beans. We bridge the processes behind great coffee that begin from the farmers and end with our baristas to present that final cup in your hands.


We sample & source for high quality beans & blends. If we don’t like it, we won’t serve it


We’ll then study the qualities to see if it works best as a black, white or even a cold brew


Our baristas are trained to craft a full-body cup. Our servings are Double-shot by default for that fuller flavour


We’ll tweak how the coffee comes together based on your personal taste

We constantly sample coffee from different farmers and roasters to present JAB Coffee’s curated selection of beans from our esteemed partner roasters.

As your palette and senses experience the different coffee tastes, our baristas will introduce you to the unique taste profiles of beans from different countries and regions, and the coffee farms involved in this complex chain of events leading to the cup in your hands.

Broadway Blend from Toby’s Estate

A balanced blend of Brazil, Costa Rica, Papa New Guinea, India and Sumatra.

Praline and toffee are the central notes of this rich, sweet blend. Wonderfully complex and chunky with hints of thyme and berry, Broadway is a lovely black or milk coffee with a smooth and voluminous texture.

Aroma: Thyme, Pecan
Flavours: Molasses, Berry, Brown Sugar

Featured Hopper:
∫- Integral Espresso by Parchmen & Co

We are now featuring their signature espresso blend,  made up of the poplar and fruity Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the rich, sweet earthiness of Sumatra Triple Pick and Sumatra Simalunggun. An excellent balance of acidity and flavours brings out a sweet, almost blueberry-like essence with a roasty aroma not unlike roasted coconut or almonds.

Aroma: Coconut candy, Roasted almonds
Flavours: Blueberry, Roasted almonds, Dark Chocolate

Meet Our Baristas

JAB’s coffee is all about tailoring it to your personal taste, and our baristas are the ones who make that magic happen – transforming roasted beans to YOUR cup of coffee.

Smells Like Bean Spirit


The key to fast, consistent, good coffee

Pair a powerful, smart coffee machine and good baristas and you are assured of a good cup of coffee in two minutes. Best during the morning rush, the hyper-precise Spirit Triplette espresso machine delivers the extra boost you need to kick-start your day.