Our Baristas

JAB Coffee’s baristas are the difference between coffee and great coffee. JAB is almost their second home, and the Spirit espresso machine their life-partner. The team works closely together to choose quality beans, after which our baristas have taken it upon their personal responsibility to pull a good espresso, and tailor each cup to your personal liking every single time.

The more you tell them what you like, the more they know you and your taste preferences.

Meet Our Baristas


With a penchant for activities that challenge his dexterity, it is no wonder that Justin loves making coffee as much as he loves playing darts. Behind the espresso machine, Justin becomes one with the Spirit (espresso machine), his hands maneuvering the pumps and calibrating the temperatures, his nose and inner body rhythm guiding him to pulling a perfect espresso.

He has a soft spot for Ethiopian coffee beans, for their distinct aroma and taste profile akin to berries.


For adventurous palates and for those who want to try a mash-up between an old-fashioned cocktail and an espresso shot, Justin serves up his signature drink which he terms espresso old-fashioned – an ice-shaken espresso served with granulated sugar.


Jaime may appear a little less outlandish than your standard barista, but still waters run deep in this espresso lover. Housed in her small frame is a perfectionist who continuously works to pin her craft to precision by dialing measurements and doses down to muscle memory, and letting her palate explore the tastes that different beans present.

“When I make coffee, it is about precision right down to grams (of coffee beans) and seconds (of steam).”

“Pull about a hundred shots a day and I commit these to muscle memory, which gives me consistent espresso. From here it is all about fine tuning each specific aspect, changing one at a time to ensure a series of minor tweaks result in a good cuppa that leaves the bar.”

So, let her make an iced espresso for you. We promise it will be a smooth one, unless Jaime says otherwise.


Barista by day, awesome mommy 24/7.

The creator of JAB’s Earl Grey Mocha, Farhanah got her inspiration to conjure a liquid dessert when she baked an Earl Grey Chocolate Tart.  You’d have thought that years in the coffee trade would have made her an espresso snob, but she still loves her coffee milk-based – and so does a large group of her customers.

“I think a flat white reflects me, for I’m not that adventurous.”


Like all mothers in our lives, she eases customers into new tastes and experiences, by gradually steering them towards the final taste of coffee – without sugar, with less milk, sometimes even espresso. And if you are cutting your calories, you ain’t gonna get a skinny, because Farhanah will advise you to simply go for black coffee.