Our new beer is a nightmare to brew

9 April, 2018 Posted in

We’ve got a new brew of Baird Beer in, and it sounds like the brewery really has a love-hate relationship when they make this beer.

They decided to call this IPA the Brewer’s Nightmare.

I hear that brewing this beer makes Baird wanna scream

We just thought it tasted good. At first whiff, you get an aromatic, floral yet peppery scent. The foam is smooth with a slight tinge of bitterness, but that just preps you for what comes after! The beer, post-foam, is just so slightly sweet, and that flavour is just made so much stronger after having just gone through the foam. Wow, good stuff.

So, where is the nightmare, we thought?

Turns out, this is a very difficult brew.

Much of the flavour comes from using Rye Malt. While the end reward is a gorgeous tasting beer, the process is enough to tear one’s hair out.

Just look at their beer label.

It’s a brewer at Baird looking really stressed out as he watches the lautering process. Probably hoping and praying the beer doesn’t fxxx up.

Baird’s boss, Bryan, has this to say –

“Rye is a difficult grain to brew with because of its glutinous nature. The long (and frequently stuck) lauter runs that result when using large amounts of rye in the mash makes for a long and stressful brew day. Our brewer’s nightmare ends well, however, as the finished beer is a wonderful treat!”

Here’s what can go wrong, according to Baird:

It all goes gummy and stuck

Rye is very glutinous. When used in large amounts in beer making, it can make the wort all viscous and gummy.

Baird uses 25 – 30% of rye. stuff gets gooey. It gets stuck. The liquid doesn’t separate from the grain. Try to clear the clog. Roll over. Cry.

Liquid and Grain (called Mash) being separated (Lautering)
Image by cogdogblog
via Wikimedia Commons

It takes fooooorever

Because it requires more care and stressful monitoring, the run-off time to get the liquid out from the grain is extended. Very extended. Normal Baird beers take roughly 90 minutes to be lautered off.

This? They’ve gone as high as 178 minutes.

I feel bad just reading about it!

But is the final result worth it? Come over, give the Nightmare a try, and let us know!

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