Sandwich Spotlight – Honey Herb Chicken

29 October, 2017

There’s a bit of a story behind why our bistro recently introduced a new line of sandwiches. Food has always been on our minds. Our previous shop was just a small counter in the basement of One Raffles Place, and it was barely enough space to brew our famous coffee. With our move this year […]

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JAB debates: Latte vs. Flat White

11 September, 2017

When you see both drinks on the menu, which do you order? After all, you might think, both types of drinks are essentially espresso with milk. The similarity ends right there, after which ordering a latte or flat white depends on the individual and how strong he or she likes his or her coffee to […]

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We’ve moved to a bigger, better place!

2 July, 2017

After a lot of hard work and countless tiny snafus, we’re now up at running at our new bistro at The Sail, Marina Boulevard! A big thank you to all our loyal customers from the old tiny shop at One Raffles Place. Come by our new bistro for the same excellent coffee at the same […]

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Making the Switch from milk to black coffee // part 2

17 January, 2017

How To Start Appreciating The Brew-tiful Underdog Have a read on Part 1 of “Making the Switch” if you are still asking yourself whether you are ready for new palate adventures.   Take It Slow Across The Intensity Spectrum Like anything worth doing, appreciating the bold flavour of the espresso is a process, not an […]

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Making the Switch from milk to black coffee // part 1

Transitioning from Milk to Black Coffee A great café experience begins the moment you set foot within its premises. With the aromatic scent of the freshly pulled shot in the air, many wonder why the espresso in its stark nakedness doesn’t seem to taste as good as it smells. But no, the espresso actually tastes […]

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