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Thanks to everyone’s positive response to our Baird Beer launch! We’ve decided to make this Japanese craft beer a permanent fixture at our JAB Bistro!

What is Baird Beer?

Baird Beer is a boutique craft brewery from Numazu, in Shizuoka Japan. Started in 2000 by the husband and wife team of Bryan and Sayuri Baird, they are dedicated to using the freshest, finest ingredients to create beer that bursts with flavour and character. They do this by only minimally processing the ingredients, so the natural flavours of the malt, hops and sugars end up in a deeply satisfying brew.

Read more about their story at their website.

Here at JAB, reading about their passion for beer reminds us very much of our own passion for coffee. We are proud to have them on board (and on tap!) at our bistro. Do come and try this unique craft beer at our soft launch!

Beers on Tap

We are currently carrying these selected beers:

Rising Sun Pale Ale

Japan is known to the world as the “Land of the Rising Sun.” To Japanese, Fuji-san (Mount Fuji) is a natural icon emblematic of the nation. Rising Sun Pale Ale is a beer emblematic of Japan’s legendary culture of craftsmanship.

This hoppy, brisk and refreshing Pale Ale is indescribably complex, but holds tenaciously to Japan’s prime aesthetic value – balance.

Brewing notes from Baird’s boss, Bryan:

Hops are the spice of beer. They contribute bitterness, flavor and/or aroma to the finished beer depending upon the timing of their introduction into the hot wort or cold green beer. Generally speaking, hops added early to the wort boiling process contribute bitterness which provides a nice balance the malt-derived sweetness. Hops added late to the wort boil contribute diverse flavor and subtle aromatic characteristics. Hops also can be added after primary fermentation to the cold green beer in a traditional process known as Dry Hopping. Dry hopping is undertaken with one aim in mind – infusing the beer with aromatic hop oils and resins that produce an exquisite bouquet, often described as fruity, floral or spicy. Hops can be used by brewers in several forms, most notably Whole Flower Cones, pellets and extracts. Whole flower cones are hops in their most natural and minimally processed form. I believe the more you process something the more character you knock out of it. We use only whole flower cones in Baird Beer. This practice is old school and almost unheard of these days, but I believe wholeheartedly in the character superiority of the whole flower hop.

Rising Sun Pale Ale features whole flower hops grown mainly in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, a region known for the wonderful citrusy and piney character of its hops. Rising Sun Pale Ale is one of our signature dry hopped beers. I recommend it to anyone wanting to experience the glorious character that whole flower hops can impart to beer.


Review of Baird’s Rising Sun Pale Ale by the guys at Akihabeera


Single Take Session Ale

Baird’s boss Bryan is a long-time fan and admirer of musician Neil Young. His ‘single-take’ style of recording lends a raw, honest and unvarnished quality to his music. This is the quality in Baird Beer. The label artwork is inspired by a live 1989 Neil Young performance of ‘Rocking in the Free World.’

Music is the muse for many things, including this beer. Brewed un-cut and un-edited in ‘single-take’ batches, this Belgian-yeast fermented Session Ale is playful, effervescent and wonderfully aromatic.

Brewing notes from Baird’s boss, Bryan:

Yeast is the transformative ingredient in beer. Brewers brew wort (sugar water derived from the mixing of water with milled grains at controlled temperatures); yeast ferments this wort (metabolizing the sugars and converting them to CO2, alcohol and tertiary flavor byproducts) transforming it to beer.

Beer yeast breaks down broadly into two categories: Ale (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and Lager (Saccharomyces pastorianus). Within the world of Ale yeast there are countless strains and ones with a Belgian lineage tend to be very distinctive in the flavor byproducts they produce. Provocatively pleasant notes of fruit and spice are characteristic. In crafting Baird Beer, we choose not to filter the yeast out of the beer. It remains in the packaged beer where we put it to the task of fermenting a second time. This produces a tight, fine natural carbonation and also provides some protection against oxidative degradation of the beer over time.

Single-Take Session Ale, fermented as it’s with a yeast strain of Belgian Witbier lineage, showcases these distinctive fruity-spicy-peppery yeast-fermentation byproducts. Lower in alcohol and higher in hop flavor and aroma than most Belgian ales, Single-Take is a wonderfully sessionable example of the idiosyncratic world of Belgian yeast-fermented Ale.




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